CraicCon started after the organisers of multiple Irish YouTuber meet-ups came together to organise the biggest one to date. Summer 2014 saw around 75 online content creators come together for the craic in the Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Newly “Christened” Craic-Heads hit UCD for CraicCon 2015, where YouTube kindly provided pizza for everyone’s lunch. Two panels consisted of UK & Irish YouTubers giving top tips and YouTube team members giving advice on growth through collaboration.

There was only one thing we could do for 2016:
Right down the hall in UCD, where we held CraicCon 2015 was a bigger venue, with enough space to have 3/4 different things happening all at once.

CraicCon 2016 was our biggest and best event yet. We can’t wait for CraicCon 2017!